Four Apps With Utility For Home Buyers

With the housing market in recovery and relatively low prices throughout many areas, more and more individuals have started to consider the purchase of a new or second home in order to take advantage of great deals. In the past, many prospective home buyers were left to fend for themselves or accept limited advice from a real estate agent. These days, however, an array of Android applications have empowered individuals and provided them with the information they need. In the following article, we will outline four different apps and the benefits that each can provide to someone who wishes to purchase a new home.

House Hunter

Anyone who is serious about the purchase of a new home will love House Hunter, an application that comes in both a lite version and a premium version. Users will be able to access and track statistics on an unlimited number of homes, find particular homes that match your predetermined criteria through the use of a scoring system, review tons of photos for hundreds of thousands of listings and create customized features that can be used to filter and select the perfect home. The House Hunter Lite version has a variety of restrictions, but the full version can be purchased via the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Zillow Real Estate

Those who are in the market for a new home but do not know where to begin will find Zillow Real Estate to be a wonderful application. This free utility – which can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace – provides its users with dozens of data-sets that can be used to determine which home fits their needs best. With a variety of scores that help users determine which neighborhoods are suitable for families, whether or not reliable transportation is needed and of course dozens of filter options, prospective home owners can rest assured with the knowledge that they have made the right selections.

Make Your Home

Anyone who has considered what they would like to do with their new home can gain benefit from the use of the Make Your Home app. Currently available on the Android Marketplace for free, Make Your Home gives users inspiration through the display of thousands of different home design images and slide-shows. Once you find a few images and designs that you would like to emulate or keep for future reference, you can quickly add them to your favorites list or share them with friends and family via social media.

The Home Depot

If you have purchased a new home and have just moved in, there is bound to be a variety of home repairs, remodeling jobs or additions that you will wish to consider. The Home Depot app for Android and iOS devices allows users to browse tens of thousands of home improvement products from the palm of their hands. Whether you need new faucets for the bathroom or new carpet in the bedroom, The Home Depot app delivers – quite literally; you can order materials and have them shipped directly to your home or to a local Home Depot.